1020 Microgreen Shallow Grow Tray


What’s better than eating your microgreens every day?

Growing them in your own home, of course!

For this reason, EYM has developed grow your own products, which include extra strong 1020 shallow trays together with tips to successfully grow your microgreens.

Feel free to stop by our farmer’s market stall to check out the quality and ask us any questions you may have :)!

This microgreen tray is 3.2cm high, which makes it easy to cut microgreens at the bottom of the stem to maximize your harvest yield, ideal for smaller rooted microgreens, such as broccoli, kale, mustards, and more.

  • Both types of trays come with or without holes
  • The tray with holes allows for water to drain into the bottom tray to maximize water drainage and prevent overwatering.
  • Outer dimensions are 53.3 x 27.3 x 3.2 cm
  • Inner bottom dimensions: 50 x 24 cm
  • Thickness: 1.8-2.0 mm
  • Please note that we recommend using deeper (6 cm instead of 3) trays for seed varieties that mainly require soaking, such as wheatgrass, sunflower shoots (see link)

Short  video of durable 1020 trays in production at Lola Kronenburg




1020 Trays are best for microgreens planting. The durable shallow microgreen tray height is 3.2cm. This allows you to quickly and easily cut your microgreens as close to the roots as possible, which minimizes labor and maximizes your harvestable weight. If you are looking to brighten up your growing space, check out other popular deeper planting trays that come in two different sizes – 1020 Trays (deep or shallow) & 1010 Trays.


Yes, to grow microgreens ideally you will need a tray with holes as well as a bottom tray. This can be one of our shallow microgreen trays with no holes or a 1020 deep tray like those used by EYM. Excess water in your microgreen trays can lead to mold. Growing trays with holes help drain extra water into the bottom tray. Eat Your Microgreens trays have drainage holes to remove excess water while being small enough to hold in growing media. Helping you prevent overwatering issues before they start.

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