Broccoli Microgreen


6 Amazing Health Benefits of Broccoli Microgreens

1. High in Sulforaphane with anti-cancer properties (1)(2)(3)(4)
2. Supports cardiovascular health
3. High in anti-diabetic properties
4. Reduces the symptoms of autism
5. Anti-aging properties
6. Boosts brain function
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Taste: Mild, crunchy, dense, slightly bitter, piquant taste is slightly reminiscent of Chinese cabbage

Color: Bright green leaves, slight pinkish stems

Usage: raw in salad, on bread, for juicing, smoothies, herb quark or as a decoration of your dishes.

Additional Health Benefit: High in Vitamin A, C, K, protein, calcium, antibacterial, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, lowering blood sugar, preventing and fighting cancer

Scope of delivery: This offer includes raw organic fresh broccoli microgreens only. Under the product pictures you may see an image of the microgreen ready for harvest, including a bowl/tray, and the packaging that will be used to safely store and quickly ship your order. This way you also can get an idea of how it looks in its growth and ready to harvest stage.

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