On a journey to maximize local food production

It is our time to change – “We are wiping wildlife from the face of the planet, burning our forests, polluting and over-fishing our seas and destroying wild areas. We are wrecking our world – the one place we call home – risking our health, security and survival here on Earth.”​

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Localization is our Vision

Motivated by the climate crisis, large-scale biodiversity loss, lack of arable land, scarce natural resources, global food insecurities, and the need to reduce tons of food waste. We believe we can do better and so it has become our imperative to redesign and localize our inefficient food system.

There is of course a lot of hard work ahead with our local food transition but our focus is first and foremost on producing clean, chemical-free and emission-free, high-quality fresh leafy greens to our customers.

Together with our highly educated and experienced team we continue to address key aspects of a successful food business, such as Food Quality, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and ICT.

All in all, we are determined to make our dreams of a sustainable food future a reality. Together we can do this as we continue to establish ourselves as your source for your microgreens in Amstelveen/Amsterdam.

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” – Alan Watts

Our Local Team

We are a small team of local farming influencers. Challenging the status quo with our local and sustainable approach to food production.

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