Broccoli microgreens fall into the Brassica Family (also includes: kale, turnip, mustards, pak choi, rucola, cabbage, among others), which at the same time, have been significantly researched vegetable plants in nutrition science. Most rewardingly, broccoli microgreens (and sprouts) have shown to have healing and preventative benefits, such as preventing DNA damage and metastatic cancer, defending against pathogen and pollutants, boosting liver detox enzymes and target breast cancer stem cells, and even reducing the risk of prostate cancer. The main component that is responsible for these amazing health benefits within broccoli microgreens is Sulforaphane, which is only found in brassica family of vegetables (Gregor, M.)

In addition, Dr Gregor talks how broccoli microgreens go beyond healing, and help protect our brains, eyesight, reduce nasal allergy inflammation, give us more control over type 2 diabetes, and even a practical treatment for autism. Numerous studies by the University of Maryland, John Hopkins University, Harvard University and even the Food and Drug Administration from the USA have conducted their own independent and collaborative research on the rare but yet ever present formation of sulforaphane in broccoli microgreens (brassica vegetables). Researchers have even labeled sulforaphane’s role in food as a “detoxicant”.

How do I easily and cheaply get your daily dose of sulforaphane?

Eat Your Microgreens (EYM) has the perfect solution with ready-to-eat broccoli microgreens in three different sizes or as a mix  with sunflower shoots, radish and amaranth microgreens. Simply add this to any of your dishes at the end. The last thing you want is too cook away the healing power of broccoli microgreens 😉 (cooking inactivates an enzyme called myrosinase, which is required for the formation of sulforaphane).

In other words, a small amount goes a long way. So make sure you check out our Insta for more examples of various dishes using microgreens. It is very simple, plus it adds a lot of flavor. From studies, broccoli microgreens contain up to 40 times more nutrition than their mature counterparts, meaning you can save on costs by eating more microgreens and living a healthier life.

The Science behind Microgreens as an Exciting New Food for the 21st Century

Nutritional profile of various microgreens:

Dr. Michael Gregor (non-profit)

Are You Eating Your Microgreens?

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