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Garden House

Garden House Project – Update #3

By March 6, 2023No Comments

Here in the Netherlands, the cold temperatures are not leaving us behind. Winter made a late entry so it seems likely to exit late (typically temperatures are 2-3C warmer this time of year). Coincidently, it will be the end of another less desired situation.

So with that said, I am really looking forward to the coming weeks! There is much to do in terms of repairs, maintenance, preparation for the greenhouse installation, solar panel roof installation, together with the battery expansion project, setting up a few grow beds on the south side and more.

For example, last month I noticed that the wood on the side of my garden house is rotting, which after careful inspection is being caused by a leaking roof/gutter. This require some help and patch work on the roof as you can from the video. Next step is to put all the wood back and replace all the rotten wood. In the end, cover it with a water proof sealer and verify that the leak has been closed.

Next was the exploded water pipe! Our water pipes are not insulated so they do freeze quickly and when working is sitting horizontally it will expand and explode. So I had to get some more tips and help from a local handyman. Together we removed a partial t-connector and replaced it with a adjustable brass t-connector. I also learned about the built-in water valve to leak water for next time (it was a bit corroded). In addition, it is important to remove all water from all pipes and toilets. So consider leaving all faucets open to remove all water from your pipes. And if you’re really scared about it happening again, consider even using a spare bike tire and pump to remove the excess air from your pipes.

Next on the list are the tree stumps! What to do with so many tree stumps. I do not have the muscle, stamina, and patience to ax the stumps on my land for years to come so more tips and updates to come.

Keep growing!



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