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“The best revenge is not to do as they do” – Marcus Aurelius

Happy March 2023 My Beautiful People! 

The last day of snow and negative temperatures have come and gone, two weeks in. 

Today, I would like to give thanks 🙏. I am usually the type of person who wants to move on to the next step, task, goal, job, etc., but today I would like to pause and acknowledge the people that have been there along our short journey. 

Many thanks to energized Ferdi for his new “exercise” tree stump smash and his ability to trim the tallest hedges ;).

A big thanks for the goat Pad for helping to finish off my first attempt at a Greenhouse build. 

Also, I would like to thank Ernst for his helpful tips and time for the repairs and maintenance work at our new location 😀. If it wasn’t for his help I would be without water and a roof. 

Big hug to my favorite neighbor Sonya! Who introduced us to the gardening community and Ernst, among other wonderful deeds!

And last for lil’ bubs! Thanks for joining me time and time again at our future garden paradise even though you had other plans. It’s been a very challenging but rewarding journey so far so let’s keep going 💪 .

Thank you also friends, family, and our past, present and future customers! 

I am not exactly sure where this is heading but at least I know I am in the right place :). 

And I am looking forward to returning to my favorite place: growing healthy macro-/microgreens and selling them locally!

I hope to see more of you soon and don’t forget to Eat Your Microgreens! 

Music Source (Marc Rebillet) – Check him out this guy will wake you up 😉!


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