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Update: Week 48

By November 29, 2022No Comments

I am now focusing on Food Quality & Systems Management (again as I graduated with a MSc Food Quality Management) and creating content to help everyone grow microgreens. I am simplifying my system as much as possible so that people without any gardening experience can easily grow. I hope to encourage as many growers to grow food year round, connect with their food, and to conveniently eat healthy.

I continue my progressive struggle in trying to find different ways to “break the code” in managing a local healthy food production company: Eat Your Microgreens. At the same time, the main obstacles are visible. The struggle of not being able to find long-term adequate indoor growing space (space scarcity). I did pick the second most dense country in the world and I am in the most densest of cities in NL. I, nonetheless, still see it as an opportunity to have more eaters in a short distance. In addition, the second key struggle is the lack of knowledge behind microgreens. True that chefs from thousands of restaurants recognize them (more as cresses here) but they mainly use them as garnishes on dishes (1-2 per plate) and adding, if you will, their seal of approval to the dish, which certainly can be very intriguing as a spectator. Nonetheless, the average eater/customer/person does not know that microgreens are extremely healthy for you, how easy it is to eat them, and can be a cheaper substitute for your daily requirement of vegetables (microgreens are loaded with nutrition in small bites)!

As our work at our newly purchased garden house continues, there are already some advances in a short amount of time: 1)A newly installed greenhouse and 2)1.2KW soon to be 2.4KW off-grid solar system. However, winter looms and so to the conditions to grow microgreens (temperatures will drop to below 0C this week). More advances will be posted on social media. Therefore, this period will be about creating content, consulting local growers, and building more community around microgreens growing. At the end, the goal should be to continuously improve our food system, not to compete against each other. The transition towards a local food production world requires different skills, levels of knowledge, organizational structures, technologies, and the understanding and application of food safety standards and regulations so that we can ensure the highest safety around microgreens.

To further legitimize this complementary approach of feeding the city, there is also an opportunity to develop our own food business certification. This can be based on local, sustainable as well as regenerative and circular food production, processes and practices (I will be placing an advert to find someone who would like to tackle this together).

Eat Your Microgreens success is in various ways, not just financial which is fundamental for maintaining the business but for the empowerment that we can all have an impact and take direct action when we wish to live in a better world. I have touched many lives in a positive way already and to me that is the reason why I continue my progressive struggle. I see my need for purpose fulfilled in other words. There are no words really to articulate such a complete feeling, when it all comes full circle but it is there.

I continue my progressive struggle with or without the giants. I have also tried to work with existing vertical farming companies, who have the financial ability to operate vertical farms for years but unfortunately they are not ready for me or I am not ready for them.

This is yet another reason why I continue to develop and structure Eat Your Microgreens and this the reason why I will not stop. The need to criticize the unjust, unfair, pollution creating, war-mongering,..(insert annoyance ;)) system is over and the call to action is all that remains.

Will you join me?

Thank you for your support! Means the world to me 🙂

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First Farmer’s Market (Amstelveen’s Stadshart)


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